Let Me Introduce Helga


I bet you thought I forgot all about blogging, right?  My last post was in November, just before NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  I did get my 50,000 words and certificate for writing that many words in a month, but I was a rebel.  I did not write a novel, but naturalist memoir.  I’ve been letting it sit for a while.  Sometime later this year I will tackle editing.  After November I got sick with whatever was going around and ended up with a bad sinus infection which persisted through the holidays and into January. I am now back to what is normal for me at the end of March.

The other day I was looking at weaving looms, which I do regularly even if I am not planning on buying one, on Craigslist.  After looking at looms I looked up spinning wheels. Don’t know why I did that as I am not a spinner and have had no plans of being one (you can guess where this is going), and up came a wheel in our local area, in another town just 12 miles from my house.  The pictures listed on Cragislist were so bad that I couldn’t really see much of anything, let alone see if it seemed to have all of its parts. If it was a working wheel, which the ad said it was, the listed price was dirt cheap.  I didn’t really have to convince the husband to go with me because our favorite place to get a mocha is in the same town.  So, off we went.

I’ll spare the details, but we ended up buying it for less than the advertised price and took it home.  It’d dirty and dusty.  Someone either varnished it and goofed or was trying to make it look distressed, but all the parts are there and it does work.  Just needs some TLC and maintenance.

You’ve met my looms – Inga, Babette & Ol’ Bessie before.  Now, let me introduce you to Helga.  She is a Rognvaldson wheel made in Canada.  I’ll be doing more research on her soon, but she was created by John Rognvaldson who moved to Canada from Iceland and her design is what they call a modified Icelandic style.

I am already in love with Helga and I don’t even know how to spin yet!


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