Who Knew We Could Build A Loom?


We, Mike & I,  don’t build weaving looms or weaving accessories….we always buy them.  We’re not very good carpenters at our house, so we purchase things.  All that being said, we got inspired after we went to a yard sale and bought a needlepoint frame with a floor stand and brought it home.  We also had a wooden frame, kind of like a picture frame, that we got at the Goodwill a while back.  We only bought it because ‘we might need it someday’.

Well, the two were just dying to be married to each other, so we now have a tapestry loom.  Looks good and works good.  Needs a few tweaks here and there, but but we feel pretty good about our little achievement.

Hmmm…..now, what to name it.


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4 Responses to Who Knew We Could Build A Loom?

  1. Súsa weaving says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see what you weave on it😀

  2. birdyspeaks5 says:

    I started weaving not too long ago. I come up with ideas, my husband builds my ideas. He is cool. I think your ideas are cool and quite creative. 😎

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