Towards A Healthy Life

My fridge Jan 2015 Larger

Didn’t quite meet my holiday weaving goal.  That’s O.K.  Wove some gifts and bought some.  Maybe the ratio of hand made to purchased gifts will be greater next holiday season.   Something to work towards.

Beginning the new year I am focused on food and health.  I want to be healthy.   I want to eat in a healthy way.  Four years ago I made great strides in healthy eating and lost 60 pounds.  Felt great, but allowed an unavoidable family crisis to derail it all.  The tail wagged the dog in the kitchen once again.  A feeling of powerlessness crept in.

2015 comes and I have staked my flag firmly in the kitchen.  Junk foods and all processed foods moved out, healthy foods moved in.  Once again eating in a plant-based way.  Have lost 11 pounds.  The big plus is immediately feeling much better.  Pain level down.  Attitude up.  Family on board, eating in a healthy way, too (mostly).

Kicked off the new year with a major refrigerator make-over (see attached photo). Now it’s clean and conducive to easy healthy eating.  Veggies and other good foods right at my fingertips. New Year’s food for thought: You can not eat in a healthy way in an unhealthy kitchen.

This year I am moving Towards A Healthy Life. Join me?


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