Bringing Ol’ Bessie Home


Took a road trip the other day up near Gig Harbor, Washington, two and a half hours away. It was a great day out. The sun was shining and the water of rivers and streams was smooth like glass every where we went. And it was warm. We considered it a ‘mental health’ day. We haven’t gotten out much lately. Lots of stressy family things going on. But we had to pick up Ol’ Bessie, so we made the most of it.

OL’ Bessie, she’s a good old gal. She 24 years old and seen a lot of wear, but she has a lot of miles in her yet. Of that, I’m sure. I liked her at first sight and I’m sure she felt the same. She may not be the freshest daisy in the flowerbed, but I’m sure she sensed she would be taken care of and loved and not put out to pasture as we carefully helped her into the car.

Ol’ Bessie now sits in the living room with her companion Little Babette. They’re both French Canadian. Little Babette may be a saucy little minx with her 6 instead 4 treadles, her glowing stainless steel heddles, fancy brake pedals and shiny new wood. But I find great comfort in Ol’ Bessie’s simplicity. How she can take care of business without a lot of geegaws and frippery. Ol’ Bessie and I understand each other.

As Winter comes on ‘Ol Bessie, Little Babette and I will be making a Little cloth together. I might even bring out a little Swedish girl named Inga ( to meet them, too.


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6 Responses to Bringing Ol’ Bessie Home

  1. Pia says:

    Lovely! I’m lusting for 8 shafts myself.

    • fiberninja says:

      I think I have my hands full with just 4, but I see a lot of 8 shaft patterns that I really like. I also have a LeClerc Compact loom that has 4, but is 8 shaft ready & you can get the other 4 as a kit and they just drop into place, so if I get to where I also lust after 8, it is available for me on the other loom.

  2. jude says:

    i have a 24 harness loom. but mostly i have been doing the bead loom thing.

  3. Libby says:

    Loving the names, makes my Big Beastie seem mean and nasty!

    • fiberninja says:

      At first I was calling Little Babette “Gollum”, like the nasty creature in Lord of the Rings, but I’ve decided I llike her better now that she’s all assembled and not so terrifying, so I upgraded her name to something nicer 🙂

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