All The Art I Need

All The Art I Need

I can’t even think about doing art or cloth or stitching right now, not with the art of the universe growing all around me! Trees, birds singing, blue sky, stunning sunsets and flowers everywhere I look.

Check out this flower. It came with the house, and to think it nearly got dug up and disposed of (I moved here in the winter) before I even knew what it would look like. This rose bush, whose name I do not know, has been giving me beautiful blooms for almost thirty years now, but this year I think it’s outdone itself. It just keeps tossing out bloom after bloom of total perfection, each one unique. Some bright pink, some more pastel, some more on the yellow side. This week it gave me the one in this photo… all of the above colors in one glorious bloom.

I am so entranced by its beauty that cloth and stitching are running a poor second. I am spending a lot of time outdoors this week, enjoying everything now that we finally have Summer weather, which is hard to come by in NW Oregon. With this perfect rose I have all the art I need at the moment.


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4 Responses to All The Art I Need

  1. Such a beautiful flower!

  2. Crooked Tracks says:

    Such a beautiful flower, good idea to enjoy the summer weather 🙂

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