The Mug Mat Bow

Mug Mat Instead Of A Bow

I took a time out from regular projects to make a little ‘mug mat’ (cloth coaster) for a friend. Her birthday gift, a framed copy of a photo my oldest son had taken of the well-known shipwreck on the North Oregon Coast at sunset, the Peter Iredale, was wrapped in plain striped paper. I did not have a bow or even a card, so decided to put the little mug mat on the front of the package in place of the bow and card. It looked much better than a bow, and with two friendship hearts on it, it said everything a card could say, but only better. I think I shall adopt that idea as part of my future gift giving. My friend? I think she loved the mug mat even more than the photo.


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2 Responses to The Mug Mat Bow

  1. debirah123 says:

    I think this is darling. I love the simplicity and “rawness” of it.

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