The Double Duty Room

The Double Duty Room

As you may know, I not only engage in fiber arts, but I am also a nun, a Sister of the Society of St. Antony of Egypt. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to have a complete chapel in my own home, an entire room where services for my religious community were held frequently. I also had my own office space/art studio room. Circumstances changed, and my son and his family came to live with me. In reallocating space, the chapel had to be dismantled and most of it put into storage. And the office/art studio room became a bedroom. For two years the minimum items necessary to serve as a chapel were set up in a corner of my bedroom.

In another reallocating of space, I recently regained the chapel — sort of. It is now the chapel/art studio. My religious life has to share space with my art life. As you can see by the picture, its turn one way and you are in the chapel, and turn another and you are in the art studio. With this arrangement the chapel is not big enough to host services for my religious community, but it is a big enough space to do my art and also to sit, pray and meditate. And it gives me an ‘alone’ space, where I can retreat from a very busy 2 year old grandson when I need silence.

This arrangement may not seem ideal, but it is what I can do for myself at the moment, and right now that’s enough. And I kind of like the idea of God looking down on my art as I work. Eventually, my son’s little family will have their own home and I will regain a full chapel a well as an art studio but, until then, it’s ‘double duty’ around here.


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  1. jude says:

    now this is patchwork

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