Working Together

A Little Cloth Puttering

This is purposely a slow day. A puttering day around here. Out and about much of the week. Need to stay put today. I’m thinking about cloth.

Slow Day + Cloth = Slow Cloth Day.

I took an ‘appropriate’ photo to go with this post. The drafting table. When I retired a couple years ago I was given a gift card by my union local. With it I purchased a spiffy new state-of-the-art drafting/art table. It’s a nice table, but every time I wanted to use it my youngest son, age 28 and who lives with us, had his own art projects going on it. I found the little drafting table in this photo at a yard sale. It came complete with the drafting arm thingy for $15. I bought it so as to not have to dislodge my son’s projects because he really needs them. They are his therapy. As things turned out, the furniture has been rearranged and a new breakfast nook has taken up the space of the spiffy new drafting table, so my son’s art ended up dislodged, anyway. He now uses the breakfast nook to work on art and he does pick up after himself, we can eat there.

I kept the little old drafting table for myself, while the new one sits unused in the storage unit. This little old table makes me happy. I don’t know why. Is it the vintage wood look that gives it character? Or the fact that I can sit comfortably at it in my desk chair and it’s just my size (I am very short)? Is it because it’s small and less ‘techy’ than the new table? Probably all of these things – old wood, size, age, patina, history. It just seems to fit well with slow cloth. I never could develop a relationship with the new table, anyway. No personality. It was just a table. The little old table and I are friends. We work well together.

We’ll be working together on a little cloth today.


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