A Girl Named Inga

A Loom Named Inga

Once in a while you hear of a situation where parents don’t name their baby right after it’s born, and the poor kid goes around being called ‘boy’ or ‘child’ so long that eventually, when it’s finally given a name, no one would ever think of using it and continues to use the generic first designation. I’ve been feeling like one of these remiss parents.

I’ve had the loom (pictured above) for two years now. I’ve always called it ‘the loom’ or ‘the Glimakra’ or ‘the big loom’. (I also have a 12″ Ashford knitter’s loom and a brand spanking new LeClerc Compact 24″ 4-shaft loom, not yet assembled, so designations like ‘big’ or ‘little’ loom are not going to work much longer). I belong to a few Facebook weaving groups and it has come to my attention while scrolling through all the posts that people often give their looms names, usually feminine ones, and I really do like the idea. To me, a loom is like a companion that you can be friends with, so naming it seems natural. And giving it a feminine name also seems natural because you develop such a close working relationship with it that it can become sort of a BFF – best friend forever.

I’ve spent some time thinking about a name for ‘the loom’. You might think the name for this loom would be a no brainer, since it’s model name is ‘Emilia’. It’s a Glimakra (pronounced GLEAM-OAK-RAH – I learned that on their website) Emilia (that’s the model name) 19″ rigid heddle loom. I’m thinking I don’t want to name her Emilia because every other Emilia owner has probably taken the easy route and named their own looms ‘Emilia’. In the interest of not adding to the confusion of bringing one more Emilia into the mix, I have decided on a name that stays true to her Norse ancestry (Glimakra looms are made in Sweden). I’m even thinking about decorating her as yet unfinished wood with some traditional Scandanavian designs so she can feel connected to her culture and history. (I can see you rolling your eyes through the computer screen, you know).

Introductions are now in order. I would like to introduce you to my new BFF ‘Inga’. I think I just heard a small voice with a Swedish accent say, “I am so pleased to meet you, too!”


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5 Responses to A Girl Named Inga

  1. Becky says:

    I’m a bad “mommy”, I’ve not named my Ashford RH and it’s been 3 years since I’ve brought it home.Must be a “Jane” cause she is ‘plain’ and she’s going to stay that way.

  2. Rhonda says:

    My 32″ Ashford is named Amiria, which is Maori for Hard Worker….

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