The February Birthday Marathon

The February Birthday Marathon.

February and November seem to be the only two months in which members of this family have their birthdays. I’m torn between wishing they would have been spaced out better or happy they have them all in two batches, leaving the rest of the year pretty clear, with only an individual birthday here and there.

The birthdays start on the 4th with our granddaughter Katie’s birthday. Then I usually have until mid-month to prep for the birthday marathon. This year’s prep was interrupted by a big snow storm and we were snowed in for a week. The birthday marathon begins on the 19th with granddaugher Kelsie’s birthday, followed the very next day by my husband’s on the 20th and my oldest son Dylan’s on the 24th, and culminates with our youngest son’s significant other Jessica’s on the 28th. Then we don’t have another birthday in our family until June, for which I am always thankful. (Note to self: remind all unmarried family members to be sure to find out when the birthdays are of any one they are considering bringing into the family. Tell them to avoid pairing up with anyone who has November or February as a birth month).

In recent years we have settled for celebrating all the birthdays, except Katie’s since she doesn’t live here, with one big family dinner. I have come to look forward to the decision-making prep for the big bash, the deciding whether to eat at home or go out. This year, I think we’ll be going out, unless I change my mind between now and then. We’ve decided it best fits everyone’s schedule to celebrate the family birthday dinner in March this year, so I have time yet to figure out where to go.

I chose this photo of my husband looking at the Columbia River because it shows that even in the midst of the birthday marathon calm and quiet moments can be found. After I took this picture we did manage to go out to dinner, just the two of us, a rare event with our full house these days (our youngest son, his significant other and their almost 2-yr son live with us). It was nice, in the middle of the marathon, to surprise my husband with his own moment. That’s probably the best gift I could give him this year.


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