Hunkered Down


It doesn’t snow a lot very often here. Not often enough to get used to it. Snowed & iced in four days now. Want to work on something, but the weather affects how my body works. Feeling old and creaky. Don’t think I could even hold a needle to sew. Weather also affects my mind. Restless. Want to do something creative, but I don’t know what. I look at the looms and walk away. I look at the instructions to assemble a new loom and walked away. Have settled for watching the Olympics and tea. If I can’t seem to weave anything I’ve been dreaming of lately, at least I can watch others realizing their own dreams.


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3 Responses to Hunkered Down

  1. lindalh says:

    Same thing going on here, but I did manage to work on the loom for a while.

  2. Feeling edgy and wanting to be creative myself! without any get up and go! So I am sitting here in front of my laptop. I am hoping that as the snow melts away and we warm back up I will be motivated and inspired to do something more than think about it.

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