The Prodigal Weaver

I started out in 1989 taking classes in basket weaving. A couple years later I was teaching it. In the Shaker basket workshop where I made this little cat’s head basket, I learned about the ‘art’ of weaving. Before then, baskets seemed just utilitarian vessels to me. Making them wasn’t really art and I wasn’t really an artist. With this little basket I began to consider, seriously, that I was involved in art.

Life has a way of going on and somewhere between raising kids and working as a bookkeeper and office manager, and taking religious vows – yes, I am a full-fledged card-carrying nun – my art got lost. Or maybe it lost me. Anyway, it got tucked away in the closet where it stayed until I retired in 2011. Just now, in 2014 I am re-finding my art or maybe it’s re-finding me.

Full circle. I started out in basket weaving and now I’m finding my self in weaving on a loom. And the weaving is propelling me into layered fabric art as well. Who knows what other art forms will open up to me along the way. I say, ‘Bring it on!’


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fiber artist, writer, nun
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8 Responses to The Prodigal Weaver

  1. and i say i will be watching! baskets. oh baskets. with Jude’s upcoming
    weaving diaries i am thinking if i can weave some of these grasses here
    into baskets. i have never done that….maybe….
    Glad to be here in the presence of a Woman of the Cloth……..

  2. beth says:

    Oh fellow basket maker. Lover of Ash splint. Holy containers woven slowly.
    Your photo of your ash splint Shaker basket is so familiar as we made our living by way of making ash baskets for several decades. Cloth has grabbed my way of expressing for now. Curious how we grow.
    Glad you now have a blog. I’ll be back. (and Jude pointed me toward you.)

  3. Anita says:

    Hi, Very much like your writing (and the wonderful basket – stunning that you can make something like that). Came across from Jude’s, and very glad I did. I love it also that you’re a nun and you call yourself fiberninja!! (respectfully meant!) Anita.

  4. Mo Crow says:

    stunning photograph & beautiful weaving, thank you for sharing!

  5. Nancy says:

    Oh that photo…that basket! So beautiful 🙂 I have made just two baskets in my years…and I loved it!

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